Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remember those who are hungry

I want you think about your kids. I want you to think about going to bed tonight KNOWING that your child is hungry, but you don't have the money to buy enough food. Can you imagine the pain in your heart? Can you imagine the guilt? Can you imagine telling your kids they could not have a snack because there was nothing in the house?

We support the local food pantry in our small community. I drove by today at 1 PM, and there was a line to get in. I was really surprised. We have dropped off food many times there, and I have never seen a line. It has spurred me to step up our efforts. We will participate in Plant A Row for the Hungry.

This year, we are planting vertically in the yard. We have gaps in our hedge, where I plan to put trellises. Up those trellises, I will plant cukes, tomatoes, canteloupe and probably a squash of some kind. On each trellis, there will be a plant designated for the food bank. My kids are not really old enough to do a lot of community service, but this is one that I think they can grasp.

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